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Bon Bon by Bea's Botanicals – an exquisite fusion of Damson plum, Rose and Bergamot.


This harmonious blend embodies pure luxury, uniting these captivating elements to create an opulent, quintessential fragrance. At its heart, the Damson Plum takes center stage, infusing this scented candle with its dominant, rich aroma.


Available in two variations, our single-wick candle weighs 150g and offers a generous burn time of 25-30 hours, while the double-wick version, at 400g, ensures a longer-lasting experience of 45-60 hours. Both are crafted from a natural wax blend for an eco-friendly and clean burn.


For a more constant olfactory delight, our Reed Diffuser, containing 200ml of aromatic bliss, disperses the enchanting scent for an impressive 60-70 days.


Every product is meticulously hand-blended and hand-poured in the picturesque locale of Hampshire, UK, ensuring each one carries the essence of expert craftsmanship and quality. Enjoy the soothing ambiance of "Bon Bon," a fragrance that transcends ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Bon Bon