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Since childhood, I've been irresistibly drawn to beautiful things, much like a magpie captivated by its treasures. Over the years, this inclination has shaped my evolution, leading me to surround myself with the most exquisite treasures, never settling for anything less.

My life's journey has inevitably guided me to where I am today. Through dedicated efforts and the pursuit of my aspirations, I encountered the man of my dreams in my late 20s—a hardworking, handsome individual who shared my vision. Our union took place in late autumn, and the following year, we welcomed our firstborn, Beatrice. In 2002, the blessings continued with the arrival of our second daughter, Grace.

Raising two beautiful daughters prompted us to work smarter, ensuring they received the time and comfort they deserved. Our journey involved several relocations, with each home renovation bringing us closer to our dream. Ultimately, we found our forever home in Hampshire.

As a builder and an interior designer, we made a formidable team. However, after completing our home and finding no space left for additional treasures, it became evident that a new dream awaited us. Given my enduring passion for weddings and everything associated with them,

it felt natural to offer silk flowers to brides, providing them with an everlasting memory of their special day.

I firmly believe that every couple should cherish the magic of their wedding day long after the stardust settles. In the quiet moments following speeches and fading laughter, it is the memories, the photographs, and the enduring beauty of flowers that remain with you, creating a timeless connection to that joyous occasion.

And I believe when the noise from the speeches and the laughter has faded it's just the memories, the photographs and the flowers that will stay with you forever.

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