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Merry Christmas

As the days passed, the enchantment at With Grace's store only grew. The festive sanctuary, adorned with twinkling lights and shimmering ornaments, continued to be a gathering place for the community.


The window with its life size Santa continued to be a magical attraction for one and all and the opposite window, a towering Christmas tree bursting with seasonal flowers and festive delights became a symbol of unity, where people stopped and gazed at the creative ventures that the store owner had created.


Each evening as the store closed and with each day Christmas day drawing ever closer, the sparkle of the glitter embellished baubles and the glow of the fairy lights faded ready for a brand-new day ahead, the countdown was on.


With Grace's team, continued to pour their hearts into every detail, ensuring that the magic of Christmas continued to make the store a true wonderland where delightful gifts were purchased for friends and loved one's and trees all around sparkled with exquisite decorations carefully selected from With Grace.


As Christmas Eve approached, a sense of anticipation filled the air once again. With Grace had not only created a place of enchantment but a timeless tradition for Ringwood and whispers were overheard as to what the windows would behold next year!


The true magic of Christmas, they realised, was not just found in the store's decorations and gifts but in the excitement that it brought to the town.


The team at with Grace would like to wish each and every one of you a truly magical Christmas and the most exciting New Year ahead.

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