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I got the keys

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

If there ever was a guardian angel in my life, she is certainly watching over me!

I walked past an empty shop for months gazing in and thinking I'd love have that as my shop one day, but I was tied to Burley and to be honest, I wasn't really sure I wanted to be a 'shop keeper' any more having been through a tough few years, so I walked on by and got on with my day.

Several weeks later, the shop had 'let agreed' on it and to be honest, I was devastated and thought, you snooze you loose and that one wasn't meant for me anyway.

Then the decision was made, I handed in my notice on the Burley shop and decided to give it all up. Everyone said I was crazy as my beautiful faux flowers, wreaths and gifts were so beautiful and everyone would miss me.

So, having already ended the tenancy in Burley I had to start thinking were I could relocate to and my home town of Ringwood was the obvious choice.

There had been an empty shop in the Furlong Centre which I decided to pursue and boy was that a battle. Unfortunately they weren't interested in entertaining a little independent shop like mine.

So I looked at every other empty shop in town and nothing was right. Then a rumour started circulating that No.56 had fallen through. I got straight on to the agent and went and looked at it that day. My guardian angel was by my side. It's mine. After several weeks of paperwork I finally got the keys on the 7th September and the renovations started. My vision was becoming a reality and I can't wait to share the progress of this new adventure with you all.

Silk Wedding flowers and wreaths are available now at Burley Lifestyle if you can't wait for With Grace to open in November.

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